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E-Bike Conversion

Electrify Your Existing Bicycle with an E-Bike Conversion

It’s time to put the joy back into biking! Maybe you’re getting older or just don’t like climbing hills and sweating like a beast (we get that)! If that is the case, then converting your bike to an electric bike is exactly what you need. Installing a battery powered motor that assists you as you pedal will put all the enjoyment back into biking. If you really like your current bike and the way it rides, then it might be the perfect candidate for a conversion. Converting your bike will cost less than a comparable new electric bike and the motor is quiet so it doesn’t take away from the tranquility of the ride.


All of my conversions are done using the proven and trusted Bafang BBS02 750 watt mid-drive motor kits that are custom tuned to perfection. Conversion costs start at $1,300 (including install labor). Costs can vary based on battery size, and sprocket requirements and prices are subject to change based on material and shipping costs. Call me to discuss your conversion application at 910-471-7023.

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