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About Fastrack Ebikes

Fastrack Ebikes was created by us, a couple of pedal pushers with a passion for innovation and bicycles. I grew up riding, fixing and racing BMX bikes in the 80’s, this included building dozens of race bikes in the process. I have been riding, building, modifying and repairing bikes ever since. One modification that changed the game for me recently was converting one of my bikes to an electric, battery powered bike by installing a 750 watt Bafang mid-drive conversion. I now find myself riding further and faster than ever! I want to make this family-fun activity accessible to everyone through Fastrack Ebikes.

What Is an E-Bike?

An E-bike is a cutting-edge and well-engineered bicycle conversion which uses an electric battery motor to power the bike when engaged. Our electric bikes have throttle and pedal assist. What does this mean? When you need a break from pedaling, sit back and let the battery power the bicycle. These bikes have some oomf to them and are designed to go as fast as 20 MPH.


Good vibes and bikes can get you anywhere. I’m excited to share the joy of E-biking with you!

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